6 Ways to Serve Bacon to Your Family  


Everyone enjoys bacon -even if it’s just sautéed in its own fat or some butter. You can enjoy the bits and pieces with sunny-side-up, but that’s just one way of serving it up to your family. 

Yes, everyone loves bacon and sunny-side up. Have you thought about other ways of serving bacon? Well, we certainly have lots of ideas in our heads. Care to find out? 

Here’s a quick post that highlights the 6 ways to serve bacon to your family. 

#1 Baked potatoes with chopped bacon and cheese 

Bake whole potatoes in the oven. Cut the top and scoop the potato and add grated cheese and chopped bacon inside. Keep it in the oven again and bake it. This dish tastes heavenly. Make sure you add some seasoning like oregano, chilly flakes, and salt. Cheese and bacon are always a good idea! 

#2 Bacon quiche 

Have you ever tried baking a bacon quiche? It tastes amazing! You can make it for lunch or dinner – anytime you like! 

Making this dish doesn’t require mastery, but you need to follow the recipe to get it right. 

Quiche is an egg-based dish, so bacon will be a good addition. 

#3 Scrambled, poached, sunny-side-up eggs with bacon 

There are all kinds of egg preparations like scrambled, sunny-side up, poached, or fried eggs. You can fry the bacon in butter and serve it up with eggs of your choice. How about adding some sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes? 

#4 Bacon-wrapped shrimps 

Take a toothpick and insert it in one piece of prawn. Wrap bacon around it and bake this for 15 minutes (400 degrees Celsius). The bacon should be crisp once the dish is fully baked. You might want to serve it with some yummy sauces. 

#5 Mac N Cheese with Bacon 

The trio – macaroni, cheese, and bacon, is like a match made in heaven. 

Make mac and cheese and add some chopped crispy bacon on top. This one’s a beautiful dish and non-vegetarians will seriously devour it. 

#6 Classic Bacon and Cheese Sandwich 

Make a classic bacon and cheese melt sandwich. You could also make an open sandwich with the bacon bits, cheese, and sliced chili on top. 

Most people make a creamy filling too using different types of cheese, veggies, and bits of bacon. It’s your choice how you want to serve up! 

Concluding Thoughts 

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