A Guide To Paper Bags: Everything You Need To Know 



Making use of paper bags is undoubtedly one of the most environment-friendly ways to carry or pack items. Paper bags have become more durable, and businesses utilize them for branding, daily sales, and promotional purposes.

Paper bags come in different types, sizes, and uses. Understanding these aspects is critical to knowing which standards are best for your needs.

What You Should Know About Paper Bags

Paper bags serve various purposes depending on their specifications. For instance, paper bags for grocery are usually the general paper bags that are brown, heavyweight, and may or may not have handles. 

If you plan to use paper bags as a marketing tool, you may customize them with a logo, slogan, and name. On the other hand, luxury paper bags are used for high-end items such as branded clothing, perfume, and jewelry. 

Some of the kinds of paper used to make paper bags are kraft paper, white cardboard, and recycled paper bags. 

The standard paper bags are made from kraft paper – a paper material from wood pulp. Brown kraft paper is biodegradable and recyclable since it is unbleached, making it a viable alternative to plastic. Paper bags decompose quicker than plastic bags and can be recycled or repurposed, minimizing the demand for new raw materials to be created to manufacture new bags.

Paper bags also come in various sizes and can be determined by height, width, and gusset, which is an additional piece of paper placed to the sides or bottom of the paper bag to produce a larger amount of space and greater carrying volume. The paper bag handles include a flat handle, a twisted handle, a die-cut handle, a rope handle or ribbon handle.

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