How American Cheese Slices Have Become a Must-Have for Burger Joints!


If you crave the slew of endorphins from your favourite stack, you can thank the artistry of the modern-day burger joint. The most renowned eateries use American cheese for their burgers because the taste, presentation and economy are too good to resist.

Specifically, Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt & Thins American cheese is the slice of choice. Here, Gruyère, Emmentaler, and white wine are melted together with a bit of cornstarch, kirsch and other spices to create a signature flavour.  This composition results in longer shelf life and a greater flavour making it a staple for both home and commercial cooking.

Below outlines the benefits of American cheese and why they’ve become so popular amongst the Australian food services industry and abroad.

Versatile and Aesthetically Pleasing 

Whether it’s on top of a flame-grilled brisket burger, a toasted potato roll, or double-stacked inside a grilled cheese sandwich, the Hi-Melt and Thins American cheese is consistently delicious across a range of delicacies. Foodies are also poised to be impressed by the consistency in its presentation; as the golden strands ooze effortlessly and complete the sumptuous experience.

Composition Results in the Desired Meltability”

Cheese products have a larger percentage of milk proteins than other dairy products; as well as a few emulsifiers to keep them soft. Most cheese products claim to embody this but instead they bulk up their milk component with a milk protein concentrate- a far cheaper component than real milk or cheese. It’s worth noting that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not authorise it in any American cheese product.

“Meltability” is a buzzword amongst foodies and cheese enthusiasts. The low melting point of Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt & Thins American cheese slices makes them a superior choice for burgers all the way through to casseroles. They contain at least 51% genuine cheese (hence, the cheese will always be the first ingredient on the label).

Let’s Not Forget the Flavour!

In terms of flavour, American cheese has a distinct advantage. You can compare two burgers prepared identically that use two different cheeses and you’ll certainly taste the difference.

Amongst foodies and cheese enthusiasts, the “goo-factor” is the distinct characteristic that sets American cheese apart from others. A well-made fast-food cheeseburger or signature local burger both undergo artful preparation and a meticulous application of the correct ingredients. Hi-Melt & Thins American cheese honours its name and melts easily with a taste that compliments the meat or vegetables in the burger.

No burger is complete without Hi-Melt & Thins American cheese. This mouthwatering burger cheese is now well regarded throughout the global food services industry as well as Australia.

American cheese is a clear crowd-pleaser and its longer shelf life and enhanced economy necessitate its presence in any commercial kitchen. Along with their glowing reputation as an industry leading provider of quality dairy products, Pure Dairy takes pride in their supplier relations- guiding each restaurateur to make the most economical and tailored order possible.

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