What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Raw Honey?



Most of us know honey as being a sweet, runny liquid made by bees, but did you know that the regular honey you buy in your local grocery store has been processed and boiled to the point that it does not contain much of the healthy properties for which it is known. If you want to get the most health benefits from honey, then raw honey straight from the hive is the much better option. But what is the best way to eat it, and does it taste different to store-bought honey? 

Before we suggest some mouthwatering ways to enjoy raw honey, we will have a quick look at how it differs from conventional honey. Firstly, as mentioned above, regular honey is pasteurized to give it a clear, smooth appearance and to improve its shelf life. Raw honey is taken from the hive by a beekeeper and then filtered to remove any particles such as beeswax and pollen. The taste and texture of the honey is not changed. It can therefore be cloudy, and it may or may not be runny. 

The first time you taste raw honey, you might be surprised at how different it tastes when compared to regular honey. Most people describe store-bought honey as tasting sweet, but raw honey contains more natural sweetness because it is not pasteurized (this process removes most of the pollen which is that which gives raw honey its distinctive flavor). You might also find that raw honey has a ‘flowery’ taste, and this will change depending on the flowers that the bees were collecting nectar and pollen from. Pasteurization also removes most of the honey’s antioxidant properties. 

Enjoying Raw Honey

Raw honey can be eaten directly from the jar with a spoon, or it can be spread onto a thick chunk of crusty bread for a delicious snack. Some people like to pair this treat with other foods to enhance the flavor, such as a strong cheese or some dark chocolate. 

Raw honey can also be added to foods to give it a sweet flavor. For example, a honey and mustard dressing can transform a dull and boring salad, or a honey glaze can be created to improve the taste of a piece of salmon or chicken. 

For a nighttime TV snack, how about roasting some nuts with raw honey and salt or adding a honey drizzle to a warm bowl of popcorn? There are just so many ways to enjoy this healthy treat. 

Can You Eat Raw Honey Regularly? 

Raw honey is a delicious treat, and while it can be consumed in many ways, it is probably a good idea to enjoy it occasionally rather than every day. This is because the honeybees that make it are under threat. 

While most honeybees make more honey than they need, there are not enough bees in the world to continuously supply us with the honey we consume. This is another reason why manufacturers process honey so much – they can include additives that will bulk it out. 

Supporting your local beekeeper is a terrific way to ensure the survival of the honeybee, but there are other ways to do this too. As well as buying local honey to be enjoyed as an occasional treat, you could donate to a bee conservation charity. The people at Project Honey Bees have come up with their own ingenious way of helping with research and conservation of the honeybee. They donate some of the proceeds from each sale of their bee jewelry. So, buyers get a fantastic piece of jewelry as well as doing their bit for honeybee conservation.

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