Here’s Why You Need to Get a Scotsman Ice Maker for Summer

Scotsman Ice Maker for Summer

March 2022

Here’s Why You Need to Get a Scotsman Ice Maker for Summer

While summer isn’t for everyone, we all need some icy refreshments to stay cool from April to August. But people might have different cravings during these sweat-inducing months. Giving them several options during this time is sure to satisfy their needs, and the best way to do so is to look for Scotsman ice machines for sale.

Whether you want ice cubes for your beverages or something softer for dessert, Scotsman machines are a convenient option to prepare your desired ice at just the push of a button.

Different types of ice

As mentioned earlier, there are a few options available when it comes to cool desserts to enjoy on the beach or from your nearest café or dessert shop other than plain old ice cream. Scotsman ice machines are specialized to deliver ice in all its refreshing forms.

1. Clear Ice

Although similar to solid ice cubes, this type of ice is almost completely translucent rather than the cloudy ice made by most refrigerators. Plus, other than cubes, they can be made into other shapes such as rods or diamonds.

How it’s made

Ice machines make clear ice in mostly the same way refrigerators do, by exposing water in a tray or casing to a cooling gas, or refrigerant, which sucks the heat out of it till the water freezes solid. The difference, however, is that ice machines such as the Scotsman Gourmet Cube Machine use running water, which freezes in layers, making the ice nearly see-through.

Benefits and uses

Other than how elegant they look in your glasses or jugs, these ice cubes melt slowly, which allows them to maintain your drinks’ coolness without diluting them. This makes them ideal for beverages and cocktails, as well as for filling iceboxes.

2. Flake ice

Flake ice is made from shaving blocks of ice and has nearly the same consistency as snow. They have a low moisture content (25%) which gives them texture.

How it’s made

Brine solution is sprayed inside a refrigerated container and freezes on the inner walls of it almost immediately upon contact, leaving a solid layer of ice. A spinning blade shaves the surface of the ice into fine flakes which gather in the machine’s ice bin.

Benefits and uses

Flake ice is malleable yet extremely dense and does not quickly melt thanks to its low moisture content. This makes it perfect not just for frozen desserts like snow cones and slushies but also in fish markets for keeping and displaying freshly-caught seafood.

3. Nugget ice

This unique ice is a signature creation of the Scotsman brand, and structurally falls somewhere between cubed and flaked ice. While it is made in solid pieces, like ice cubes, it is softer which, unlike other forms of ice, makes it soft and chewable.

How it’s made

Nugget ice is made by compacting shaved ice flakes into chunks. These crumbly bits of ice are softer than cubes and have incredibly low density due to the presence of millions of microscopic pores.

Benefits and uses

Nugget ice is crunchy yet chewable, stays cool for long, and can absorb your drink or beverage, giving them a delightful flavor and texture. This makes them perfect for iced tea, coffee, soft drinks, and a wide range of other chilled snacks.

Conclusion: why Scotsman?

Scotsman machines are among the most popular and highly recommended choices for commercial or home ice making. Here are some more reasons why they’re the right choice for you.

  • Their machines come in a variety of sizes, with ice-making capacities ranging from 80 to 750 lbs.
  • Their versatile design is suited for different ice-making needs and makes them perfect for home kitchens as well as bars, hotels, and restaurants.
  • They’re easy to maintain, relatively quiet, durable, and have built-in indicators that issue light signals when the machine needs cleaning. A well-kept Scotsman machine can last up to 10 years.
  • These machines consume less water and use hydrocarbon-based refrigerants, making them eco-friendly.

So given what we’ve learned if you’re hoping to make Summer more bearable with an unending supply of chilled snacks and beverages for yourself and your friends, start looking for Scotsman Ice Machines for sale available near your place.

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