Most Popular Cafe Sandwiches


Compared to the boring sandwiches that filled your lunchbox as a kid, a good cafe sandwich is more like a mouthwatering feast than just an assortment of ingredients squished together between two pieces of bread.

You may not think the humble sandwich is anything special, but there is a reason they are so satisfying and scrumptious.

And, it’s not just the fact that you can eat a sandwich with your hands. Although not having to clean any cutlery is a selling point.

Sandwiches are a lunchtime favourite and popular cafe menu item because they are versatile, simple yet sophisticated, and delicious without being complicated.

There is also the convenience of being able to eat a sandwich on the go.

Café owners may find that adding sandwiches to their menu is a great way to increase their food sales and increase their customer base.

If you do plan on adding some delicious sandwiches to your menu, you may also wish to consider working with a wholesale bread supplier.

Below are some of the most popular cafe sandwiches.

New York Club

A New York club sandwich is a classic and all-time favourite, perfect for any cafe menu;

A New York club sandwich typically consists of grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, tomato, and mayonnaise. It is typically cut into quarters and held together with cocktail skewers.

Chicken is very versatile and a popular sandwich filling, another popular cafe sandwich option is a chicken and avocado sandwich. With swiss cheese and rocket, this sandwich is another perfect one for your cafe.

Italian Panini

Italian sandwich recipes follow a similar rule to pizza topping recipes, which is that less is more.

Three to five ingredients is all it takes to create a delicious pizza topping and the same goes for a scrumptious sandwich.

A great sandwich option to have on your cafe menu is an Italian panini, which is topped with prosciutto, fresh basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and drizzled with olive oil and pesto.

These ingredients would also match perfectly with a crusty bread variety such as a Vienna or Pane Di Case. For added flavour, you could add in some rocket and if you are looking for a vegetarian alternative, don’t add the prosciutto and call in a Capresepanini.

A Reuben Or A Cuban Sandwich

If you don’t want to pick between the Reuben or the Cuban sandwich, we don’t blame you.

Overloaded with mouthwatering slow-cooked meats, both the Reuben and the Cuban sandwich are standouts and a great addition to a cafe menu.

Leave the decision-making up to the customers.

Cuban sandwiches are usually made with ham or roast pork, while Reubens are usually made with pastrami, which is usually made from beef brisket.

A Meatball Sub

Topped with homemade meatballs, tomato sauce and fresh basil, Meatball subs are a mouthwatering sandwich.

Salmon Sandwich

Besides being delicious, salmon sandwiches are also healthy choices for your customers since they are packed with omega-3.

A salmon sandwich with dill, lime, red onion, cream cheese, and salad leaves will be a great addition to your cafe menu.

Classic Egg Sandwich

Sometimes the classics are the best sellers.

With soft bread smothered in mayonnaise and crispy lettuce, a classic egg sandwich is never out of place on a cafe menu.

Whatever kind of cafe you have, whether you sell sandwiches exclusively or simply offer them as a menu item, it’s important that you choose the right sandwiches for your customers and your cafe.

There’s no point adding a 12-hour slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich to your menu if your customers are only going to want to order a classic grilled cheese.

Knowing your customer base is a key step in knowing how to adapt your cafe menu.

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