Ido Fishman Shares Cooking Tips you Can Pass Down


Cooking is an art that a lot of people want to master because it gives you the ability to feed yourself and others when needed. Many people believe it is complicated and some even think it impossible to learn, but that does not have to be the case. If you are truly interested in cooking, you can attend a couple of Ido Fishman cooking classes, or you can check out some of the cooking tips below that you can pass down to your family members for years to come. Want to know more? Let’s take a look:

Tip 1: Food talks, so always pay attention 

The first and most important thing you need to remember is that different foods make different sounds when they are cooked. Ido Fishman says that you should familiarize yourself with these sounds because you will be able to tell what the food needs and can make good decisions accordingly.

Tip 2: Test your pasta in one of two ways

If you want to know your pasta is ready, Ido Fishman suggests that you throw a noodle against the wall. Your pasta is ready if the noodle sticks. Another trick you can try out is to bite into a needle and take a look at its center. If there is a little white dot to be seen, then your pasta is done. 

Tip 3: Follow the recipe the first time

When you are cooking something for the first time, cooking experts like Ido Fishman will tell you to stick to the recipe. Don’t do any experiments in the first go and only amend to your tastes in the second try. Once you have developed a good and strong taste for it, you do not need to follow the recipes 100%. Cooking gives you a lot of room for creativity, so you can try new things. 

Tip 4: Put the lid on the bowl to boil the water

This sounds like common sense, but Ido Fishman says that most cooks make this mistake. They forget to put the lid on the bowl when they are boiling water. It will take twice as long for you to get this task done and you can speed it up and do it right by simply adding the lid.

Tip 5: Avoid overcrowding the pans

The temperature will quickly drop if your pans are overcrowded and this means your meat will not sear properly. If you overcrowd a baking dish or a sweet pan, Ido Fishman says that you will end up with soggy vegetables instead of the roasted veggies you wanted. If you have a lot of food and a single pan cannot handle it, it is best to cook in batches or in two pans. 

Tip 6: Consider pepper a spice

According to Ido Fishman food expert, pepper is a spice and you should not treat it as a neutral flavor enhancer like you do salt. Treat pepper the same way you do other herbs and spices to get the desired results.

Tip 7: Remember you can add, but not take away

Since you cannot take away anything, Ido Fishman suggests that you take things slow. This is particularly true where mashed potatoes or salt is concerned. Make sure you keep tasting along the way to ensure it is what you want. 

Tip 8: Don’t be afraid to add more spices

If you are trying a new recipe and it is coming off as bland, then Ido Fishman suggests that you add some more spices. Doing this will help you add more depth and flavor, which is exactly what you need. 

Tip 9: Use salted water for boiling your starches

Use salty water for boiling your starches and Ido Fishman says you can use it for pasta, potatoes and rice to get the job done.

Pass on these cooking tips to your family and make cooking fun and simple for everyone!

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