Butchers Vs Supermarkets – Which is the Best for Meat?


A recent article in The Guardian explored the differences between butchers and supermarkets. Among the differences, the former are more likely to offer a more personal touch – for example, you may be able to trace the meat back to its farm, while the latter may be better for convenience – since they’re open 24/7. Butchers are also much more ethical: they care about the welfare of the animals that supply their meat, whereas supermarkets are more interested in selling a product.

Meat from a butcher is fresher, as it is cut the day it’s sold. Supermarket meat is often pre-packaged and sent to a warehouse to sit on the shelf for weeks before it’s sold. Because of this, butcher meat is cheaper than supermarket meat. Butchers spend more time and effort acquiring the best cuts such as macelleria. They also know the farmers from whom their meat comes, so they can offer a higher quality product.

Which is Cheapest?

The price difference isn’t significant. Although supermarkets offer cheaper meat, butchers tend to have a wider variety of meat. And because the meat is fresh, it tends to be of higher quality. In addition to this, butchers will often offer more choices – such as grass-fed or meat from certain regions – than supermarkets. A good butcher will have a reasonable price range and be happy to discuss it with you.

When purchasing meat from a butcher, you may save money by buying it in bulk compared to supermarket prices. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality. Although meat prices are comparable, you’ll get the freshest cuts and you can save money by preparing them yourself. Butchers can also offer cheaper cuts of meat, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider shopping at a butcher shop instead of a supermarket such as Tesco.

Which is Freshest?

A butcher’s meat is often fresher, and there are no additives in it that will compromise the quality. However, buying meat from a butcher can be a bit more expensive than supermarket meat, so you may want to consider whether you can handle the hassle and find a good butcher. If you’re unsure, try out different shops and decide which one is best for you. However, you should keep in mind that supermarket meat is often cheaper and it is easier to find a good deal.

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