Tips To Choose The Right Wine For Gifting


It is convenient to order wine online for gifting but when the recipient is a stranger it becomes difficult to choose the right one. You don’t know about their preferences or tastes.

Wine is a personal beverage. If you desire to introduce something unique then ensure to play safe. Some people are not adventurous in wine taste preferences, so the gift may not be opened and get re-gifted.

Online wine store has extensive selections of high-quality wines but when you are walking in the dark and choosing something to gift then here are some wines to avoid.

  • Fortified wines – These tend to be enjoyed by those who have acquired a taste for them.
  • Fruit wines – These are not usually for all.
  • Dessert wines – These wines are off-putting at times because of their intense sweet and syrupy feel in the mouth.
  • Rare grape wines – Rare grape varieties from non-established wine areas may not be preferred.
  • Infused/flavored wines – These types may also suck.
  • Extreme wines – Overly powerful or too light reds or wines with unbalanced sweetness or high acidity need to be avoided.
  • Rose wines – These are seasonal varieties and don’t age well.
  • Heavily discounted ones – The possibility that they are not selling is high.
  • Celebrity wines – Unless the recipient is a fan, these wines offer less value.
  • Homemade wines – Some people may not feel fascinated with fermented home creations like you.
  • Large-format bottles – Large-size bottles are hard to store and a huge commitment to finish after opening.
  • Shaped bottles – Looking at wine bottles shaped like animals or tree ornaments is fun but it is the quality of the wine inside that not be up to drinking standard.
  • Tetra-packed wines – Packaging carries a low-priced stigma, so avoid it.

Which are the best wines to gift…..?

No 1 best…..Sparkling wine

Chefs and sommeliers know that sparkling wine makes every kind of food taste better. Sparkling wine has a crisp and zesty nature that cleanses the palate between food bites efficiently making each morsel taste delicious. Some excelling suggestions are British Columbia, Classic French Champagne, Cremant de, and Spanish Cava.

No.2 option…..White wine

White wine pairs ideally with holiday meats and a traditional seafood buffet served on Christmas Eve. White wine is served cold and warms up the party. It is more quaffable and thirst-quenching than red wine. Some safe white wine suggestions are Off-dry Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Unoaked Chardonnay.

No 3 choice…..Red wine

Generally, men gravitate towards red wine rather than white. Expect to pay a little more for red wine online purchases because red winemaking, as well as aging, is a labor-intensive process. Safe suggestions for gifting purposes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Spanish Rioja, Pinot Noir [Burgundy], Shiraz [Australia], French Bordeaux, and Chilean Reds.

When you gift wine, it will be obliging to the receiver, if a little guidance is given on how they can enjoy it. Add a small note that reads – ‘I hope you enjoy this sommelier-recommended wine with turkey. You can cellar for 5 years to add complexity and depth. Warm wishes….’ It is a thoughtful inclusion, which will personalize the recipient’s wine drinking experience as well as your care in choosing a gift.

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