Monday to Sunday: Pizzas are an Everyday Thing 


Here’s some happy news for Monday – you can order a pizza any time of the day and still enjoy it. Many people enjoy it as breakfast (cold pizza from last night) and game night can’t be complete without beer and pizzas. 

Pizzas are an everyday thing. Do you agree with us? There’s a legit pizza day celebrated worldwide. Why wait for pizza day when you can order it any time of the day? With the kind of deals out there, you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Here’s an article that highlights our love for pizzas. But we will also shed light on why it’s perfect any time of the day. Why do people LOVE it? This article is all about spilling secrets. So, read on to find out more about pizza love. 

Crispy Crust, Cheesy Top 

Pizzas are lip-smacking! The crispy crust with a cheesy top and some yummy toppings makes it delectable. 

If you place a pizza on the dinner table, nobody is going to enjoy mash potato with grilled fish. 

The crunch of the pizza and the cheesiness transports you to another world. And that’s why you can never say NO to a pizza. 

One of the best hangover breakfasts 

What do you crave when you wake up in the morning? You might crave waffles, but pizza is the best hangover breakfast. 

Just sprinkle some oregano and chili flakes, and enjoy it in the morning. Hold that thought! Pizzas are great as a midnight meal as well. 

When you’re really high or in love, you want to share a pizza with someone. If you are heartbroken, you have mad cravings for something comforting – a pizza has that kind of power to make you feel comforted and safe. 

The endless possibilities 

Pizzas have all kinds of toppings – bacon, pineapple, roasted chicken, different kinds of vegetables, and even seafood. 

You can’t deny that a good old’ pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese is highly comforting. Even little chunks of pineapples with some meat make sense. 

If you want the pizza to be Hawaiian, it will be Hawaiian. In case you want the pizza to be Plain Jane, it will be a simplistic margarita Plain Jane. You have a lot more power to choose the kind of pizza you want to eat. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Wasn’t this a mouth-watering post? Feel free to experiment. If you’re not in the mood for experimentation, go ahead and check out Livraison double pizza menu. 


It has some delectable pizza options for you and the entire family. 

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