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Who doesn’t love a mouth-watering pizza, right? If you are planning a birthday party, a get-together with a few friends to watch the match on TV, or even wanting to kick off a first date on the right note, then what could be better than sharing some tasty pizza with all your favourite toppings that everyone loves.

With our freshly prepared pizza bases hand-made by our Dagenham team each day, you get to choose from our wide range of internationally-inspired pizza toppings.

Whether you plan on serving up our delicious pizza on a plate with a couple of tasty sides and a napkin to wipe your fingers, or you just want to devour your treat with your hands right out of the box, our pizzas make the perfect finger food!

Fancy a romantic meal for two?

Choose a pizza from our menu that is reminiscent of your last romantic holiday together, snuggle up on the sofa and turn down the lights! Time for a bit of ooh-la-la with our Bonjour Paris pizza, combining tangy goat’s cheese and sweet caramelised onions. 

Recreate the atmosphere of that romantic Valentine’s weekend for two and transport yourself back to the time you held hands and shared a pizza topped with rich tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella on the banks of the Seine.

Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Why not bring back memories of your honeymoon in Greece with our Greek Goddess pizza! We have combined the classic flavours of Greece to tantalise your tastebuds.

Let the flavours of fresh feta cheese, black olives and oregano transport your mind back to the beautiful, warm and sunny lands of  Mykonos or Santorini.

No matter what you and your partner are celebrating, our skilled team in the London Pizza Depot in  Dagenham will help set the scene with our delicious range of internationally-inspired pizza flavours.

Unmatched pizza experience 

Nothing matches the mouth-watering smell of a freshly cooked London Pizza Depot pizza straight out of the oven. The secret to our pizzas lies in our amazing hand-made crust, rich tomato sauce and high-quality fresh toppings.

Our classic in-house tomato sauce is hard to beat. Our secret recipe delivers just the right balance of sweet, salty, and spicy that perfectly complements our fresh pizza toppings.

Unlike other pizza shops, we have many pizzas in our range that are topped off with creamy, spicy or tangy drizzles that can lift the flavour experience to another level.

Our range of classic sides and dips are made to complement our range of pizzas, and our desserts will round out your meal perfectly, finishing your evening on a sweet note!

No matter if you are planning a relaxed weekend with friends or you want to treat your partner to a romantic evening for two, the London Pizza Depot in Dagenham can take the hassle out of preparing your food.

You can order online for free delivery to your doorstep, or you can place an order to collect if you are passing our Dagenham shop on your way home. 

If you have any special dietary needs, we cater to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal diets. If you have any specific food allergies, you can give our friendly team in Dagenham a call to let us know what you need to avoid, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


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