Tips to Order a Perfect Macaron as Gift for Your Loved Ones


Macarons are those classic French desserts with a perfect gift that you can give to someone on special occasions. There are a variety of macarons available in the market and it is important to understand, which one will be the perfect one. So, to not waste any time and money, here are some tips that you can keep in mind before buying it.

Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, macarons are available in different flavours of your choice. You will fall in love with the freshness of this dessert only if you choose it rightly and from the right vendor. Check out online for vendors selling your favourite macaron box that you can gift your loved ones.

Tips to follow before you buy

1. Find a good bakery

There are many bakeries in the market that offer different kinds of goodies including delicious macarons. So, you can taste test them to find which one is your favourite and buy that one for corporate or personal gifting. You can either order it online or from a local pastry shop.

2. Take the help of an expert

If you are new to this delicious flavour, then it is better that you take the help of an expert who can walk you through these different flavours and types. Also, any kind of specifications will be taken care of by them.

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3. Pick your favourite flavour

Once you have found your favourite shop, it’s time to find your favourite flavour. As it comes in different tastes and flavours, you need to find the combination that is best suited for you. Macarons are the two almond flour cookies that have a filling in between (like a sandwich). You can get it in flavours like chocolate, raspberry, nutty flavours and many more.

4. Count the number of people who will enjoy this treat

So, before you make an official order you need to know the number of people who will enjoy this treat. So, for corporate gifting, you will be ordering a large gift box that has plenty of options. Similarly, if you are ordering a box for a birthday party then you might have an intimate box of macrons.

5. Keep in mind the special occasion

The occasion will help the seller to determine what he needs to pack in this macaron box. For example, if there is a baby shower then you might need some mini macarons while for a larger wedding, you might require larger or more elaborate macarons. This will also help you to determine the shipping date and what kind of seasonal flavours you may like.

6.     Make sure that everything is fresh and tasty

If you are ordering food for someone else then it becomes your priority to keep everything fresh and delicious. In such a case, make sure that you get the delivery done on the special day itself. If you are getting it delivered one day in advance, keep it refrigerated or with an ice pack depending on the style and the flavour that you have ordered.

For any first-time macaron buyer, the most important thing to do is to find the right bakery for you. Especially if you have to worry about getting something like guilt-free, gluten-free or any other kind.

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