Top Tips for Handling Kosher Food in Las Vegas


Kosher is a drink or food that people can consumebased onthe Jewish diet. It is not a method of cooking. It means that if you are shopping for kosher food at Cambridge Farms Supermarket Los Angeles,you have to be always vigilant and check everylabel carefully.

It doesn’t matter if you are following a kosher diet, or if you have been tasked to plan a diet for other people following the kosher diet. You have to follow all kosher dietary rules when it comes to the food and how it is prepared. 

Kosher foods have three primary categories: dairy, meat/fowl, and pareve. To keep kosher, you should never eat dairy and meat or fowl together. They also shouldn’t come into contact with each other such as by sharing serving plates or cooking utensils.


Dairy foods should only be from kosher animals and should also be processed or produced in a kosher facility that uses kosher equipment. All items thatcontain milk, no matter how small the amount is, are considered dairy products. 

To keep kosher, no meat products are completely allowed in dairy foods. For instance, rennetcannot be used in preparing cheese.Rennet is an animal ingredient typically used for making cheese.


Based on kosher law, meat should only come from animals that have split hooves and chew their cud. Acceptable sources include goats, sheep, and cows. Pigs, rabbits, and camels are unacceptable.

The acceptable fowl are definitively named in Kashrut and these include chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese. After identifying an animal as kosher, the slaughter should be done in a specific manner in a designated kosher area. 

During the processing, special methods should be used for getting rid of all blood. Any piece of equipment used for the slaughter, preparation, and packaging should have kosher approval.


Pareve foods don’t contain any dairy or meat/fowl. Bread, fruits,coffee, fish, and vegetables belong to this category. Take note that only fish with scales and fins are allowed, which means that squid, catfish, and shellfish are allowed. 

Eggs are allowed as well provided that they come from kosher fowl and have been examined for blood since the presence of which would categorize them as non-kosher. 

It is allowed to consume pareve foods with dairy or meat/fowl. However, they should have been produced using kosher methods such as zero contact with dairy or meat/fowl.

Always Check the Labels

Even if these rules might seem too many to recall remember, the grocery shopping process is made simpler and easier with the help of kosher labeling. Today, kosher labeling is extensively used together with different symbols to specify that a food is kosher. The most popular of these symbols is a “U” found within an “O.” It symbolizes kosher certification by the Orthodox Union. You can in books or online for additional guidance on how to identifykosher-designated foods every time you go shopping. Or better yet, shop only from a Kosher grocery for peace of mind. 


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