Tricks to Making the Best Cinnamon Rolls


It can be a great idea to begin your day with freshly baked cinnamon rolls and kaiser rolls or buns. However, you must know how to make the best to enjoy them. You need to know how to make fluffy and soft buns and rolls. Making the buns and rolls at home is a good way to make as many as you want and the way you want them. Therefore, as you search for the “best cinnamon bun near me,” try also looking at the recipes to help you make delicious and moist buns for breakfast or brunch. Here are tricks to making the best cinnamon buns and rolls.

Prepare the Dough

The first step to preparing your rolls is preparing the dough. Therefore, get the ingredients like milk, butter, flour, salt, yeast, and eggs. When adding the flour, we advise adding it little by little, so you don’t make the dough too hard. If you put too much flour, your cinnamon rolls will be hard and dry. The best thing is to use bread flour since it makes the best door. Additionally, use high-quality and fresh yeast, and don’t forget to add the eggs for extra tenderness.

Knead It

You need a soft dough to make the rolls. Therefore, avoid using too much sugar and kneading for too long. Preferably, take around three to five minutes of kneading. You will know it is ready if it is elastic and sticky. The good thing about kneading is that it releases gluten responsible for the elasticity of the dough.

Wait for It to Rise

We recommend leaving the dough overnight to rise. So, please put it in an oiled bowl and cover it with a warm cloth. Oiling the bowl before settling the dough prevents it from sticking. Furthermore, it prevents the formation of a hard crust on the surface that could ruin your rolls. Therefore, ensure the bowl is oiled before leaving the dough to rise.

Roll the Dough

You will know the dough has risen if it has doubled in size. So, please remove it from the bowl by partitioning it into balls. Roll the balls using a rolling pin into a rectangular shape. Make sure you press the corners to be even with the rest of the dough so you will not have to cut them. Apply butter on the top and spread it, leaving more on the edges.

Fill and Roll the Dough?

You can now add the filling to the dough. The filling is usually a combination of ground cinnamon and sugar. The best way to make it is by mixing both separately before sprinkling it. Add anything else you like to the mixture, like toasted walnuts, dried apricots, or dried cherries. You can start rolling the dough from one end after sprinkling the mixture but don’t make it too tight.

Slice It

You next need to make the big roll into smaller ones. You can use unused dental floss to cut the small pieces of dough. If you don’t have floss, you can use a serrated knife to cut the pieces.

Bake the Rolls

The rolls are not ready for baking. Arrange them in a baking pan and cover them loosely. Set the temperature to 180°C and let them bake for around 30 minutes. Wait for them to cool, then remove them from the pan.

To Wrap It Up:

These are easy steps to making the best cinnamon rolls for an amazing breakfast or brunch. Amaze your guests with the homemade pieces by following the procedure and using the right ingredients and measurements.

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