Difference Between Mocha And Macchiato


It is very easy to mix these two drinks because they. They begin with “M,” and both have ch in the name.

However, the truth is the similarities between macchiato vs mocha are worth investigating.

These drinks are available everywhere, even in large coffee shops like Starbucks. Knowing their main differences is beneficial when deciding which to pick, one over the other.

Let’s get started.


  1. What is a Macchiato?
  2. What is a Mocha?
  3. Difference Between Mocha And Macchiato

What is a Macchiato?

Macchiato you get at an American coffee shop is typically less authentic and laden with sugar. 

The Italians created macchiatos to emphasize the taste of espresso and not conceal the flavor in syrup.

What exactly is an authentic macchiato? 

The word “macchiato” (in Italian) is a reference to “stained” as well as “marked.”

Macchiatos are coffee cups decorated with a bit of steam milk and foam over the top. It gives you that bold, intense espresso flavor that is enhanced by a splash of milk. 

The original form of macchiato is also known as the espresso macchiato.

There’s also a variation called Macchiato latte. The drink is made with more steamed milk and prepared with another technique. This is where a large quantity of milk gets steamed, with regular espresso shots.

However, this time the espresso leaves marks on the milk. The espresso is then poured slowly over the steaming milk, forming layers. 

What is a Mocha?

It’s impossible to make a mocha without chocolate! 

It mixes two unique flavors, chocolate, and coffee, in one drink. What’s better than that?

Mochas begin with chocolate sauce and espresso. After that, you must add plenty of steamed milk, often with no foam. Certain coffee shops may also add chocolate shavings or whipped cream over the top. This is the definition of a standard mocha. 

However, there are a variety of choices. 

White mochas are as common as regular ones in many coffee establishments. In the holiday season, different options are available, like salted caramel mocha and peppermint mocha.

Difference Between Mocha And Macchiato

These drinks are quite different. A few aspects make them different from each other: serving, variety, flavor, and milk preparation. We will go over the differences to give you better knowledge about them.


Mochas are typically served in an 8 oz up to 12 oz (240 to 350 milliliters) cup.

It is made by mixing 1 to 2 Espresso shots, steaming and foamed milk, and two tablespoons of chocolate sauce (or 5 to 8 grams of cacao/cocoa powder).

Macchiatos are traditionally served in 2 oz up to 3 oz (60 mg to 90 ml) to 3 oz (60 ml-90 ml). Baristas prepare them with an espresso shot and between 1 to 2 teaspoons of milk foam added to the top.

You’ll often find mochas served with toppings like chocolate drizzle and whipped cream.

If not, it will be around 0.2 in. up to 0.4 in. (0.5 cm.) microfoam layer on top – like latte.

Actually, the mocha and the lattes are two very similar drinks. 

In many cafes and coffee shops, you can purchase white chocolate mochas made using white chocolate sauce instead of the dark version.


Mochas are the top choice in the realm of variety. They offer a wide range of flavors, which aren’t just white or regular mochas. The seasonal flavors like peppermint are well-loved. The variety of flavor syrups that coffee shops provide allows customers to create their mochas. For example, you can find fascinating types of Mocha in Starbucks, especially seasonal ones. And the best part is that you can order your drink there, hot or cold.

However, macchiatos are easy and centered around espresso. The two authentic varieties are espresso macchiatos and the macchiato latte. Certain coffee shops sell flavored, not original, versions, such as vanilla and caramel.


Mochas and Macchiatos have distinct flavor profiles. 

Macchiatos contain an espresso-like flavor and a creaminess from milk.

Mochas highlight the distinct flavors of coffee and chocolate and are slightly sweeter while toning down the strong taste of espresso.

Milk preparation

Both drinks contain milk. However, they employ different methods that have different effects on each drink. 

Espresso macchiato is made with the least amount of milk and often includes foam.

A macchiato latte uses microfoam and milk to create layers when espresso is drizzled over it. 

Mochas are made with milk to balance the texture and highlight the best parts, chocolate, and espresso.


That’s the distinction between a macchiato and a mocha. I hope this article has cleared any doubts regarding these two drinks of coffee.

If you’re unsure, remember that macchiato is espresso coffee topped with an addition of milk foam. 

Likewise, mochas are made of chocolate sauce, espresso, and steaming milk.

Do you enjoy exploring the differences? 

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